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About us


Kerry Cooke

Design and layout specialist

Kerry has over 30 years of experience in design and typesetting, having worked in print, advertising and publishing. She now combines this wealth of knowledge into the one business offering design and layout services to all businesses.


Born and raised in Melbourne, she trained as a Compositor/Typesetter in a printing firm in the early 90s and was nominated for and won numerous apprenticeship awards during that time. She went on to work in advertising in the late 90s, stepped into publishing in 2001 where she grew in confidence and launched her own business in 2005. Since then she has been nominated for book design awards and been involved in the production of a number of award winning books.

Kerry has a passion for design and layout in all areas, thrives on new challenges and keeping up with trends, and prides herself on presenting very high quality work.

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